Fused glass, mixed-media inclusions
H 18,6, W 18,6 (inch)

Out of Fire
Fused glass, slumped glass, woven wire
H 18,9, 18,9 (inch)


Out of Water
Fused glass, slumped glass, woven wire
H 18,9, W 18,9 (inch)

Glass Object
Kiln-cast glass, mixed-media melting
H 24, W 8, D 4 (inch)

Glass Picture
Coloured glass, black lot, lead-fitting
H 13,8, W 14,2 (inch)

Small Glass Object
Silver-stained, mixed-media inclusions, lead-fitting
H 12,6 W 13 (inch)

Different fusing techniques, raku ceramics, metal (T. Theel)
H 19,7, W 16,5, D 5,7 (inch)

Glass Picture
Kiln-cast glass with mixed-media inclusions, on raku ceramics pedestal
H 9,8, W 7,3, D 6,9 (inch)

I Feel Safe
Glass (pâte de verre), fused glass, slate
H 7,9, W 11, D 13 (inch)

Kiln-cast glass, raku ceramics, light
H 8,7, W 9,5, D 4,3 (inch)

Someplace Else
Different fusing techniques, raku ceramics
H 12,4, W 13, D 1,2 (inch)

The Other Side
Mold-melted glass, small glass pieces melted with wire tied to a form-given woven wire body including slumped glass, metal pedestal (T. Theel), light
H 14,2, W 16,5, D 15 (inch)

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